Seedcorn Applications

Seedcorn awards are aimed at enabling researchers to advance innovative and novel ideas related to prevention, diagnosis and/or treatment of human diseases. We encourage applications with ‘out-of-the-box’, potentially transformative ideas. Applicants are expected to have a novel and innovative hypothesis and some preliminary data that can be developed further. We will prioritise funding of applications that we believe have the greatest potential to secure further funding and grants. We will consider both pre-clinical and clinical research studies.

At the end of the funding period, continuation funding may be available for successful projects.

Seedcorn grants provide £10K funding over 12 months, however, in exceptional circumstances, particularly clinical studies requiring patient recruitment, we will consider applications for £15K over 18 months.

Submission period opening 01/07/2020
Submission period closing 31/08/2020
Notification of funding decision January 2021
Grant duration 12-18 months
Funding amount Total up to £15K