Our Research

Over 30 Years of supporting medical research 


 Current active research grants. Over 2000 projects supported since 1987


 Grants awarded by Rosetrees and co-donors since 1987 has led to other major funding of over £1bn

Our Research Strategy

Rosetrees is a venture philanthropy charity, supporting cutting edge translational medical research.

We are committed to funding outstanding research from scientists, clinicians and associated healthcare professionals that will improve health and wellbeing for everyone within the short to medium term.

We take a great personal interest in the researchers we support, meeting with all our researchers to understand their work and develop long term relationships.

As well as funding projects as a sole donor, we work with co-donors who help us form partnerships with research institutions and universities. We would be delighted to hear from anyone interested in sharing funding for projects that fall within our strategic aims.

Our research goals include:

  • Understanding: Understanding the biological mechanisms that lead to the development and progression of disease.
  • Prevention: Preventing the development of disease and promoting healthy living and aging.
  • Early Diagnosis: Identifying new techniques to detect and treat early signs of disease.
  • Treatment: Developing new and improved treatments for diseases and conditions.


As members of the Association for Medical Research Charities (AMRC) we support the principle of using animals in research only where there are no other viable techniques available and it is absolutely necessary to advance understanding of health and disease or to develop new treatments.

Our researchers adhere to the principles of the 3Rs (replacement, reduction and refinement of animals use in research).

We fully support the AMRC position statement on the use of animals in research.

Our research strategy is currently in the process of being updated and a new version will be published on our website shortly.


Special projects

  • As well as medical research, Rosetrees supports a variety of projects that improve the lives of people in their communities. For example, where there was no centre offering advice to early-onset dementia patients and their families on legally entitled benefits, housing, and psychological support, Rosetrees has provided co-funding to set up a unique facility. The initiative was the brainchild of Professor Nick Fox, a dementia specialist at UCL.
  • Rosetrees has also supported the creation of Gesher, a special needs primary school.
  • We have helped fund innovative production ideas at The National Theatre.

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