Our research

Rosetrees has been supporting medical research since 1990


 We have supported over 3000 research projects since 1990


 Grants awarded by Rosetrees and co-donors since 1987 has led to other major funding of over £1bn


85 institutions supported across the UK from all leading research centres to Oxford University

Our strategy

At Rosetrees the heart of our mission is to support ambitious researchers aiming to improve healthcare by challenging uncharted scientific territories. We use a venture philanthropy approach to promote new ideas. We don’t limit ourselves to a specific disease area since we seek a healthier future for everybody. Our vision for innovation in healthcare spans across diagnostics, treatments, cures, and prevention since we believe in the potential to innovate all aspect of healthcare delivery

Rosetrees supports researchers who create new ideas and treatments to bring early patient benefit. We believe that having this impact can stem from a variety of projects from small seedcorn grants exploring proof-of-principle concepts to larger project grants testing established ideas capable of translational potential.

For many years, Rosetrees has partnered with co-donors who share our vision to support cutting edge medical research at leading institutions. This has allowed us to invest in more people and support a wider diversity of projects. As the Rosetrees reputation for funding the best research has grown, more and more co-donors have joined our mission to improve health and fight disease (at no cost to our partners).

Rosetrees is passionate about supporting the best younger or older minds who we believe can become great innovators or leaders in the future. That’s why we’ve funded many early career researchers who have original ideas, helping then climb the career ladder, often to a point where they are running their own teams or labs and applying for major grants from large funding bodies.  A measure of our success in picking the right people and projects to support is that they have leveraged more than £1 billion in follow-on funding. 

Special projects

As well as medical research, Rosetrees supports a variety of projects that improve the lives of people in their communities


Rare dementia support

We funded Nick Fox’s facility which provides support to the families of dementia patients


Gesher special needs school

We have supported the creation of Gesher School in North London


Royal College of Surgeons

We funded the surgical trial initiative which  established surgical trial units across the UK