Project grant applications

Project Grant Applications

Density dependent colour scanning electron image of cardiovascular calcification. Dr. Sergio Bertazzo, UCL

We are pleased to announce that our  project grant round will be opening on January 6th 2021 with a deadline for submissions of 11pm on March 8th 2021. There are separate submission channels for this project grant round depending on the value of your application, further details below. Project grants are aimed to support innovative and established research projects with an established proof-of-concept. It is expected that our funding will enable projects to develop further towards clinical translation. We particularly welcome cross-disciplinary applications. This will be the only project grant round this year.

We expect to receive a significant increase in the number of applications submitted to Rosetrees in 2021 as a result of the reduction in financial support available from other medical research charities who have been impacted by the Covid pandemic. So that we can fund as many projects as possible, we will prioritise applicants with matched funding in place towards directly incurred costs and we will expect all project costs to be reduced to the minimum amount necessary to deliver the project.


Key Features
• Intermediate project grants are for up £90,000 over 3 years. Awards are capped at £30,000 per year.

• Major project grants are for up to 3 years and a maximum of £200,000. Awards are capped at £66,700 per year. Priority will be given to the best-scoring project applications with matched funding in place towards directly incurred costs and those applications with clearly justified costs which have been reduced to the minimum amount necessary to deliver the project where applicable. If you are considering applying for a major project grant, please send an expression of interest to Dr. Vineeth Rajkumar (, including a brief summary of the proposed research, number of patients that could benefit, how your research will address the unmet clinical need and what co-funding opportunities exist to support your project.

Outstanding applicants with at least 50% matched funding in place may be able to apply for funding in excess of £200,000 through a different application process. Please contact Dr. Vin Rajkumar ( in the first instance to express an interest.

• Staff salaries. Funding can be used to fund salaries for post-doctoral research associates, research technicians and research assistants. In special cases, we may consider funding PhD stipends. In these cases, the prospective PhD student must be embedded within a larger programme of research (e.g. a clinical trial or a programme grant) and there must be a clear case that Rosetrees support will provide additional impact.

• Research consumables and other running costs directly attributable to the project.

The principle applicant will usually have a tenured post or be able to demonstrate that they will have a salary for the lifetime of the grant. For major project grants, the principle applicant must be a senior researcher holding a PhD (or equivalent) with a track record of managing grants, delivering research studies and a strong publication record.

Evaluation process
Project grants will be selected for funding based on their scientific quality as determined by external review, track record of the research team and potential to deliver patient benefit. For major project grants, we will prioritise applications that can provide some element of co-funding to the directly incurred costs. Applications that will potentially benefit a small patient population must show that their research could have broader applicability in the future to a wider patient population.

All applications will be initially checked for eligibility. An initial triage by an internal scientific panel will select the best applications that will be taken forward for external review. Triage will be based on the scientific quality, clinical need, track record of research team and potential for further development and clinical translation. Selected applications will then be sent for external review. The best scored applications will be shortlisted and considered by a scientific panel who will make funding recommendations. The final funding decision will be subject to internal approval.

For general enquiries regarding eligibility and the application process, please contact Richard Miller ( 



Submission period opening 6th January 2021
Submission period closing 8th March 2021
Notification of funding decision August/September 2021
Grant duration 1-3 years
Funding amount

Intermediate project grants: Up to £30,000 per year

Major project grants: Between £30,000-£66,700 per year. 


How to apply

 To apply please go to our Flexigrant Application Portal here. Please register your details and select either the intermediate or large project grant application scheme.