Project grant applications

Project Grant Applications

Density dependent colour scanning electron image of cardiovascular calcification. Dr. Sergio Bertazzo, UCL

We  fund small (up to £30k per annum) and large project grants (up to £70k per annum). These awards are aimed at developing more progressed research and can be used to fund salaries, consumables and other running costs. We anticipate that selection for large project grants will be extremely competitive. Selection will be based on the publication and grant funding record of the applicants and projects with translational impact with a clearly defined route for clinical implementation will be given priority. If you are interested in applying for a large award please contact us in advance for informal discussions or e-mail a short 1-2 page summary to Vineeth Rajkumar.
Submission period opening Small project grants: 01/10/2020

Large project grants: 01/12/2020

Submission period closing Small project grants: 30/11/2020

Large project grants: 31/01/2021

Notification of funding decision Small project grants: May/June 2021

Large project grants: August/Sept 2021

Grant duration 1-3 years
Funding amount Small project grants £10,000-£30,000/year

Large project grants £30,000-£70,000/year

How to apply

Please hit the button below to find out more information on the application process and guidelines.

Review process

All applications will be assessed and scored by a scientific panel. Triage scoring criteria include the track record of the team, feasibility of the research and the potential for translation. Triage will be predominantly based on information provided in the application form so please ensure that you provide as much relevant information as possible. All suitable applications will be sent for external peer review. Shortlisted candidates will be then considered by our research committee at which point the applications will be graded according to peer review, with the highest quality projects being selected.