Our Philosophy

  • The founding family is entrepreneurial and makes seedcorn grants for outstanding 'out of the box' new research ideas.
  • The Regius Professor of Medicine at Cambridge describes Rosetrees as unique, as it enables brilliant research which otherwise would not have been possible.
  • Rosetrees' funding has enabled the best ideas to advance, with the benefit of over £1 billion of follow-on grants from major providers.
  • Our successful formula has funded a wide range of small and large cutting edge research projects.
  • We also contribute to important non-medical philanthropy.
  • Rosetrees' talented and passionate team share their great expertise (at no cost) with partners.
  • Our partners have contributed £millions to enable more and larger research projects for patient benefits.
  • There is a rich/poor divide in society that Rosetrees is working to help reduce through better health.
  • Rosetrees' grant application process is simple, quick and easy.

Full details of how to apply for funding can be found on:  https://rosetreestrust.flexigrant.com