Interdisciplinary Award Applications

Interdisciplinary Award Applications

Density dependent colour scanning electron image of cardiovascular calcification. Dr. Sergio Bertazzo, UCL

The aim of the interdisciplinary award is to foster innovative research that is at the interface between disciplines – these may seem very different, but have potential common interests that need to be developed. In exceptional circumstances more than one award may be made. This year the award is for collaboration between Medicine and Engineering including healthcare technology.


Submission period opening 11/12/2020
Submission period closing 30/04/2021
Notification of funding decision November 2021
Grant duration 3 years
Funding amount £300,000


How to apply

Please contact the Research and Innovation Office at your institution. They will be managing the process and will be able to provide the guidelines.


Please contact Sheree Oxenham for further information.

Review process

All grants will be initially assessed by our internal scientific committee to confirm eligibility, adherence to application stipulations and that they fall within our scientific remit. All suitable applications will be sent for external peer review. Shortlisted candidates will be then considered by our research committee at which point the applications will be graded according to peer review, with the highest quality projects being selected.