PhD Plus

PhD Plus

Density dependent colour scanning electron image of cardiovascular calcification. Dr. Sergio Bertazzo, UCL

PhD plus awards are intended to extend and develop research carried out during a PhD studentship.  The aim of these awards is to allow students who have submitted their thesis to carry out further research necessary for high-impact publications or major grant awards. Funding is for 9-12 months post PhD submission.

Funding can also be allocated for students who have competed 36 months of the PhD and intend to stay an extra 9-12 months and submit their thesis within 48 months. In this instance funding will only be allocated if the PhD student’s stipend is no longer covered by their university. We will cover stipend (up to £1460pcm and consumables up to £600 pcm).

Applicants must be PhD students in a Rosetrees-funded laboratory and have begun the final year of their PhD. Applicants will need to provide an application form, CVs of the student and supervisor and a supporting document outlining the case for PhD Plus funding.


Stipend & Consumables

Submission period open 5/12/2018
Submission period closing 18/02/2019
Notification of funding decision March 2019
Grant duration 9-12 months
Funding amount Up to £1460 pcm stipend and up to £600 pcm consumables

How to apply

To apply for PhD Plus funding, download application form here.

Review process

All grants will be initially assessed by our internal scientific committee to confirm eligibility, adherence to application stipulations and that they fall within our scientific remit. Applications will then be assessed by a scientific panel and scored based on the scientific quality of the application, the progress of the student to date and the likelihood of further project development.