Apply for funding

Apply for funding

Density dependent colour scanning electron image of calcium apatite particle in the heart. Credit: Dr. Sergio Bertazzo, UCL

We will support research at leading research institutions in the UK and offer a range of funding opportunities. We’re keen to fund scientists who are prepared to think outside the box and try new ideas which will lead to early detection, prevention and cure of illnesses. Our funding has enabled Rosetrees Trust-funded researchers to secure around half a billion £ in further major grants as a result of our support.

Seedcorn grants

To enable researchers to advance novel ideas related to prevention, diagnosis and/ or treatment of human diseases.

Interdisciplinary awards

Funded once a year and aimed to foster innovative research that is at the interface between medicine and other disciplines such as engineering, physics and chemistry.

PhD Plus

Funded once a year and designed to extend best PhD projects for up to 1 year with the aim of delivering a high-impact paper or applying for further funding. Applying PhD students must be based in a Rosetrees-funded laboratory.

Project grants

Intermediate (up to £30k pa) and major grants (up to £70k) for more progressed research. Intermediate project grants are aimed at topping-up existing funds to cover salaries and consumables. Major project grants are aimed at established researchers with a proven track record.  

Fellowships/ MBPhDs

We also fund junior research fellowships and MBPhD awards. 

Enterprise Fellowships

Funded once a year, Enterprise Fellowships are designed to enable recently qualified postdoctoral researchers primarily in the fields of engineering, computer science, maths and physics to transition into translational biomedical research.