New Antibiotics on the horizon?

New Antibiotics on the horizon?

Antimicrobial resistance is recognised as the one of the gravest threats to global human health and is expected to kill more people than cancer by 2050. Therefore, new antibiotics are crucial. Rosetrees-funded research led by Dr. Ishwar Singh at Lincoln University has made, and continues to make, a significant contribution to the discovery and development of novel antibiotics. Currently, Dr. Singh is leading one of several teams around the world, in the fight against resistance, by developing teixobactin. This work was recently highlighted in the Guardian.

Dr. Ishwar Singh


Dr. Singh explained: “Antimicrobial resistance is spreading faster than the introduction of new antibiotics, which means there are major concerns about a possible health crisis. To tackle this global challenge, we are at the forefront of the development of 21st century antibiotics, teixobactins which kill multi-drug resistant bacterial pathogens such as MRSA.”

Teixobactin is exciting because it is a recently discovered natural compound, belonging to a new class of antibiotics and kills multi-drug resistant bacterial pathogens without detectable resistance. In his research, Dr. Singh aims to develop a library of simplified highly potent teixobactins to overcome the unmet clinical challenges in antimicrobial resistance. To achieve this, Dr. Singh will need to prepare, evaluate and gain mechanistic insights into the teixobactins he develops during this project.

In the long-term, this project can ultimately contribute to providing a new class of 21st century, clinically relevant, licensed antibiotics.

Written by: Rebecca Downing and Dr. Ishwar Singh