Rosetrees is a private charity which uses entrepreneurial skills to find and fund the best medical research.

We support outstanding thinkers with new ideas to improve treatments and one day find cures.

Blood vessel network in colorectal cancer imaged using OPT.

Blood vessel network in human colorectal cancer, imaged using OPT.                     Rosetrees symposium at Institute of Child Health, UCL, 2017.

David Gutteridge

Dr. Simon-Walker-Samuel, UCL

We have a simple application and reporting system and a personal approach meeting researchers once a year. Formed in 1987, Rosetrees gives long term support to the best researchers to develop their ideas and achieve medical breakthroughs.

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Rosetrees funding for COVID-19 research

Rosetrees are actively funding a number of covid research projects at some of the UK’s leading institutions. These range from developing new methods of testing to trying to predict disease outcome in patients. We’re adding to these projects on a regular basis.
In addition, some of our leading scientists are involved in developing and delivering key equipment to the NHS, such as Professor Rebecca Shipley at UCL who in partnership with Mercedes developed and delivered a breathing aid that can help keep coronavirus patients out of intensive care. If you would like to donate to Rosetrees Trust covid funding, please click here.
We have also been working with Dr. Deborah Braham and The Visor Army to deliver face shields to frontline NHS staff. If you would like to make a donation to the visor army, please click here.

Rosetrees researchers affected by COVID-19

We hope that our community of researchers and partners are keeping well at this difficult time.

We encourage all our researchers to get in touch and share their plans with us. We want to continue supporting our projects where we can and we would ask you to respond to project update requests with as much information as possible so that we can make decisions without delay.

Keep well and we look forward to the entire research community returning to work and identifying answers to important questions.

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Dr. Melina Schuh, MPI, Göttingen

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Dr. Melina Schuh, MPI, Göttingen

Rosetrees Trust are proud to support the TRACERx study, @CharlesSwanton, and his team:

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